Second Chance Apartments in Baltimore

If you are in trouble and on the verge of losing your home then look into second chance apartments.

Second chance apartments can help you find a place you can afford, with the added benefit of being somewhere that is in a safe area. That means people can go into foreclosure and end up losing their houses.


The homes that go into a short sale will often be sold at auctions. This is where the money will be used to cover the closing costs of the home. People that participate in a short sale are able to get back what they owe on their homes. The mortgage company will want to pay off the principal amount and the bank will then want to take a percentage of the sale.


Second chance apartments are a great way to find a place to live in an area that is known for foreclosure. There are a number of different places to find a second chance apartment that you can afford.

Find a listing of second chance apartments by searching on the internet or looking through a real estate agent.


This is so you know you will have plenty of options available to you. Research different areas to find out how many of the second chance apartments are occupied. You can do this by looking through online classified ads.

You can also find second chance apartments in a number of different areas throughout the city of Baltimore. A good starting point would be North Avenue in the Inner Harbor because it is well known for its foreclosure.

These Baltimore City’s apartments can be found in spots like the Penn North Apartment Complex. Other good locations include Dundalk and all the universities within the city.

There are many different areas to look for second chance apartments in the city of Baltimore. The best thing to do is to use a real estate agent and search online to find a place that fits your needs.